Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Source Books Used

These are the source books used in this game:

Players Handbook 3.5
Dungeon Masters Guide 3.5
Monster Manual 3.5
Dungeon Masters Guide II
Complete Warrior
Complete Divine
Book of Vile Darkness
Weapons of Legacy

The Spirit Circle

Abbott Teris sacrificed his life and his eternal rest to bind the children under his protection together. His soul was used as a link that connects all within the Spirit Circle. Individuals are inducted into the circle and risen through level with elaborate arcane rituals. The members of the Circle, their levels and benefits are as follows:

Pierce Thundar, Level 4
Chris Tennison (deceased), Level 4
Guy Axefury, Level 4
Floyd Fiftynames, Level 4
Virgil Deathbow, Level 4
Brixmor, Level 4
Bjorn Blackrobe, Level 4
Elliot, Level 1

Level 1: Message 1/day, permanent Gentle Repose
Level 2: Permanent Status effect, additional Message/day, False Life 1/day (free action)
Level 3: view through another member's eyes 5 min/day
Level 4: Death Ward 1/day for 2 min, +2 insight bonus on saves vs. death and negative energy

Level 1: 2 hour ceremony, 150 gp worth of components, 25 xp from Ritual Master per member
Level 2: 2 hour ceremony, 200 gp worth of components, 50 xp from Ritual Master per member
Level 3: 4 hour ceremony, 450 gp worth of components, 100 xp from Ritual Master per member
Level 4: 6 hour ceremony, 70 gp worth of components, 200 xp from Ritual Master per member

Bjorn served as Ritual Master for all ceremonies. The components are candles, gem dust, oils, etc...

Dugal and the Meleotic Empire

Dugal the halfing bard and Year of the Ram twin had managed to take over the Republic of Eclia when it was absorbed into the Meleotic Empire. He was granted the title of Imperial Duke. By all accounts he served the Empire well, including acting as diplomat to the Western Kingdoms, but he hinted several times to the PCs that he was uncomfortable with the Empire and that Maloch was more than he bargained for. On occasion he has performed what could be seen as a treasonous act on behalf of the party. Word has now reached the PCs that Dugal is imprisoned in the Empire. Perhaps he can be redeemed; perhaps he could be pumped for information; perhaps he should simple be left to rot. Whatever the case one of the central political players of Argravail is currently removed from play. Who, or what is filling the vacuum?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Break

The Adventures of Floyd Fiftynames is on a brief summer break, while Floyd Fiftynames deals with the baffling mystery that is children, and Virgil Deathbow takes a seven week magic carpet ride. Occasional DM posts may interrupt the lazy summer breeze.

See you in July!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Goblin Threat

Goblins are thought to be myths in most of Aramathea. When the part was starting out in the Twilight Lands they encounter evidence of goblins. Several farms had been wiped out with military precision. The party met an Illrean Ranger who was interested, and indicated that his presence in the Twilight Lands had to do with goblins. Later on, Elliot led a strike team of goblins into a massive cavern in the Scar where one of the Cthonic Beasts of Legend’s remains were. The strike team took all the treasure and the skeleton and left. Elliot was overheard saying “Tell the Warlord that my debt has been paid. Do not contact me again.” Much later the party went to Darkenhold and discovered that the Darklands was full of goblins that regularly assaulted Darkenhold. Goblins were used as scouts, spies, and assassins, hobgoblins were used as infantry, and bugbears were used as heavy assault groups. The Duke was able to drive them back but said that if they brought their full force against him Darkenhold would fall. The Duke also said that the Warlord has only been operating for 6 years, and serves something or someone who has been in charge in the Darklands for centuries. Later still, the party finds that Dwarfwarren has been invaded by goblins. A group of adventurers working for Bart found hobgoblin deserters in the Gortian Province. They escorted one to Virgilhold for Bart to interrogate. Virgilhold was assaulted that night by goblins, severely crippling the hold and killing almost all occupants (Bart and the children of the hold survived). The Duke of Darkenhold indicated that the goblin armies would march after one to two years. That deadline has come and gone.

The Fifteen Houses

This information was gleaned from exploration of the Thrusian Cemetery, interrogation of various head priests of the Thrusian Cathedral, and conversations with Samuel.

In antiquity, before the Draconic Empire but after the advent of the races, mortals of significant power began ascending to Godhood. At that time as far as what is known there was only one god, the Dagda. These mortals started becoming gods, but with each ascension it became harder for others to ascend. Finally, there was a set of fifteen gods, including the Dagda, and no others were able to ascend.

Flash forward to the time after the fall of the Draconic Empire. Fifteen individuals of great power were identified as Gods on Earth; eight refused this mantle and seven embraced it. There was widespread war between the seven until a simple farmer gathered an army and overthrew them all (the ancestor of Aramus).

Several generations later Aramus gathers an army and succeeds in uniting most of the continent. He establishes a new nobility initially based on merit, the fifteen houses of the Thrusian Cemetery are part of this nobility.
These houses are descended from the fifteen ascended gods. They all have generations in the Year of the Ram, the year that the divine aspect is supposed to manifest. Of the fifteen houses it is speculated that six were absorbed into other houses creating a perchance for twins during the Year of the Ram. One houses remains pure, and two houses have died out.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Numbers from the High Elf War

The Excutive Council had resolved to unseat the invading High Elves, who had taken over Brightwater and were slowly gaining ground. An international summit was called to address the issue, and a multinational army marched. This army was successful. Here are the troops and losses for this war:

Freelands: 4000 troops, 3000 losses, led by the Executive Council of the Freelands

Silar: 1000 troops, no losses, led by Garvey chief diplomat of the throne

Dwarfwarren: 400 troops, 75 losses, placed under command of the Executive Council of the Freelands

Tutia: 5000 troops, 3000 losses, led by King Gorm

Luthia: 8000 troops, 6000 losses, led by the Huntmaster

Ilrea: 40 rangers, 2 losses, placed under command of the Executive Council of the Freelands

Aramathea: Placed a ship blockade, sent General Abrams to observe

Total Troops in the Field: 17,440
Total Losses: 12,077

The Papal Congress

The Papal Congress is the governing body of the Church following it's recent re-structuring. It's members are as follows:

Pope Benedict I
Erronius, Dean of the College of Theology
Glacius, Cardinal of Aramathea
Gaius, Cardinal of the Freelands
Caervic, Cardinal of Gortia
Peruvius, Cardinal of Larst
Gilgamon, Cardinal of Tutia
Xavier, Cardinal of Illrea
Octav, Cardinal of Silar
Merinious, Cardinal of Barovia
Salsibo, Cardinal of Nemia
Gregarious, Cardinal of the Meliotic Empire
Hallus, Head of the Augustine Order
Faranius, Head of the Isadorian Brotherhood
Quintus, Head of the Evelynic Order
Lugard, Head of the Sampsonian Order
Merric, Head of the Ambrosian Order
Hadjii, Head of the Nathanic Order
Sheum, Head of the Zacariahic Order
Dadius, Head of the Obadiahic Order
Bran, Head of the Davidic Brotherhood

Year of the Ram and the Fifteen Houses

Year of the Ram

Twin: Guy Fiftynames
Twin: Floyd Fiftynames
Race: Gnome

Twin: Virgil
Twin: Zarin
Race: Human

Twin: Eric (now Bjorn)
Twin: Delfin
Race: Human

Twin: Brixmor
Twin: Graxx
Race: Dwarf

Twin: Arathi
Twin: Aida
Race: Elf

Twin: Dugal
Twin: Luth
Race: Halflings

Previous Generations: Visgoth, Harvas Raeth

The Fifteen Houses

House Visgoth
Stands Alone
Mordecai (Visgoth), Zarathos

House Osgov
Eric/Bjorn, Delfin, Harvas Raeth

House Arundel
Virgil, Zarin

House Hrothgar
Died Out

House Ulich

House Baldon
Brixmor, Graxx

House Al'Aram
Dugal, Luth

House Al'Vuuz

House Al'Mere
Died Out

House El'Lauriel
Arathi, Aida

House El'Luthiel

House El'Fariel

House Bostwick
Guy, Floyd

House Bethwell

House Windmere