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October 25 Game Notes Addendum: Floyd Flies Solo

Floyd Fiftynames was out sick for the October 25 Game Session. What follows is a summary of Floyd's in-game activities as described by the DM to Floyd, with a couple of quick "roleplaying" actions thrown in for good measure:

Upon exiting the cave, Floyd was met by Scaramouche, who had been tracked down and given a message from Ajax, requesting Floyd's presence in Evanshold (in the former Bodian Protectorates). Floyd excused himself from the party, hopped on Scaramouche, and flew to Evanshold, where he was to meet with Thistlebush (FG27) at the Night Trade, under new ownership since Sebastian departed the city.

At the tavern, Thistlebush disclosed to Floyd that Doogal had recently been sprung from jail in Evanshold, and while he was unsure of the halfling's whereabouts, the gnome had managed to find and bribe the man who was in the cell next to Doogal, and convinced him to relay the conversation he overheard between Doogal and the man who sprung him:

(what follows is an approximate transcript)

DOOGAL: Oh, it's you. I wasn't expecting to see you.

MR.X: As you may know, various parties have recently been set on a hunt to find and piece together Visgoth's soul.

DOOGAL: I have to say I was not aware of that, for you see, I have been in fucking jail.

MR.X: I believe this hunt to be a wild goose chase. However, I also have reason to believe that you, Doogal, possess the knowledge of how to actually destroy Visgoth completely.

DOOGAL: ...Perhaps we should go somewhere more comfortable and talk.



Armed with this knowledge, Floyd heads over to Natasha's magic shop, where he purchases a Wand of Identify and Goggles of Minute Seeing. Returning to the Night Trade, he gets a room and stays the night, using 9 of the 40 charges on the wand to identify the potions he found in the alchemy lab of the Toth devotees, and the six "wonderous potions" he found in the High Elf's chamber.

After trying out three of the wonderous potions, he is at best able to glean that they are "wonderous potions," and their true nature cannot be revealed until someone drinks them (like an edible Rod of Wonder). The Alchemical potions will be explained by the DM at the session on Sunday, November 1.

The next morning, Floyd and Scaramouche return south to re-join the party.

NPC Profile: Drooley

Marshall Drooley was a chief of local law enforcement in Arimathea, initially of the small hamlet Verl’s Crook, but eventually, due to takeing credit for an investigation that he did not solve, he was promoted to Marshall of Compassgate, one of hte nation’s largest cities.

Drooley first encountered the Order of the Abbey on their first adventure, when they happened upon a recently murdered woman on the streets of Verl’s Crook. Drooley, sheriff of the town, stumbled upon the scene and promptly revealed himself to be an incompetent drunkard. After being dismissed by Guy, Drooley handed over the reigns of the investigation to the party, and retreated back to the sheriff’s office to drink.

After passing out, Floyd and Virgil beat Drooley senseless and then placed him at the bottom of the stairs to make it look like a fall. When he came to, the party had solved the mystery – Gruth was behind bars, and Tolgas, the mastermind of the crime, was slain. However, due to the machinations of Maggie, the proprietor of The Gilded Lily (Verl’s Crook’s inn and tavern), Drooley was given credit for the investigation and the party returned to the abbey unheralded. Later, under Drooley’s watch, Gruth escaped.

Years later, Drooley would become the subject of one of Floyd Fiftynames’ first songs, “Marshall Drooley is an Idiot.” The song mixed truth and slander to hilarious effect. Other than the reknown brought by the song, Drooley was not a fixture in the lives of the characters until the day the party went to Compassgate to meet the impending invasion of Doogal, whereupon they learned that Drooley had been promoted to Marshall of Compassgate. In an act of supreme stuipidity, Drooley had given the bulk of his force the day off to celebrate the Yule, leaving Compassgate defenseless. The party attempted to talk some sense into Drooley, and when this didn’t work out, he was killed by Guy.

Today, to be “Drooley” is synonomous with stupidity and incompetence.

Monday, October 19, 2009

October 18 Game Notes

Gameplay picks up in Darkenhold, where the party nears the cave Charles Fox told them about. Along the way, the party encounters their old buddy Oak, who decides to go with them to the cave.

When they reach the cave, they discover it is sealed shut with a porthole door. The boys figure out how to open the door, and how to shut it behind them in an effort to cover their tracks. Scaramouch does not join them, preferring to stay outside. Inside, the party discovers a natural cavern. After discerning that none of the stalagmites or stalagtites are actually ropers, and after a slightly inconvenient encounter with a choker, they happen upon a large, dark chasm with a natural stone bridge. The party starts across the bridge, but are forced to back off when they encounter a small team of Driders coming to attack them. Virgil fireballs the bridge, taking out the Driders but also the bridge in the process. Using Floyd’s Pegasus, the group flies over the bridge and heads farther into the cavern.

Shortly thereafter, they encounter a Delver, which is quickly dispatched, but not before it damages Guy’s axe, reducing its effectiveness. This led to Guy receiving some ribbing by Floyd, which resulted in Guy magically charming Floyd, who for the next eight hours became Guy’s new best friend.

The party worked its way to a chamber where there was a large door with three gems inside. The three gems were related to three levers with corresponding gems that would light up when the levers were pulled. The first lever was hidden in the room with the door, and the other two levers were in adjacent rooms – in the first adjacent room, the party was attacked by a group of Darkmantles, who tried to engulf Axe and Guy, but they were destroyed by Brixmore. When the Darkmantles were defeated, their magical darkness was lifted, and the 2nd lever became apparent.

The third lever was in a room in a pool of highly corrosive acid, but Brixmore managed to stone shape the area around the lever and pull it. With all of the levers pulled, the door in the center room opened, revealing a staircase with metal technology resembling what the party knew of the high elves.

The party tread carefully down the stairs and into the chamber, where they discovered they were being watched by a high elf, who spoke to them through the walls. As the party made its way towards a room the elf was directing them to, he told Brixmore the story of how he created Brix and his brother, Graxx. According to the elf’s story, he was commissioned by his Emperor to create a perfect living war machine. In doing so, he discovered that he had to use one of the original bloodlines, which were inclined towards creating twins, allowing him to filter all of the faith, goodness, and virtue to one, and the anger, hatred, and aggression to the other. Using Hargrove’s genetic material, he “grew” Brix and Graxx in the womb of a succubus.

Upon reaching the story’s shocking conclusion, the party finds itself in a chamber with the vegetative succubus, now just a head and torso. Disgusted and enraged, Brix attempts to wrest control of the Shiva Sword from Guy, but the rest of the party prevents him from doing so. In response, Brix takes Svarth and begins destroying all of the technology and the succubus.

The elf, pleased with himself, informs the party that he will not allow them to escape, and sends a dozen mephitis after them. The party handily dispatches the mephitis, and Floyd and Brix lead the way back into a the High Elf’s chamber, finding him guarded by an Iron Golem, who provides a challenging fight, although he is ultimately defeated by Axe’s killing blow.

Guy corners the elf and kills him, but the elf’s head dislocates from his body and attempts to escape. However, Virgil sends a searing light spell down the tube which fries the head, and the party takes the elf body and the golem body out of the cave with them (Brix carries the elf in his enlarged state, and Virgil polymorphs into an Umberhulk to carry the golem). On the way out, Floyd finds a half-dozen potions on a rack labeled “Wonderous Potions,” but Guy does not let him drink them, as Floyd is still under the effects of Guy’s charm spell.

End of Session

For the session, the party is awarded 2500 XP.

Guy, Virgil, & Floyd level.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 11 Game Notes

Game play began with the party beginning their journey to Barovia. On foot, this required them to pass through a sparse, unpopulated wedge of Silar. En route to Barovia, Scaramouch returned. He delivered the report of Fifty Gnome agent Rashoman on code Burrowmaster, revealing Gruth’s spy to be Terick, who had been unwittingly enchanted. The enchantment was dispelled, and no further disciplinary action against Terick was taken. In addition, Scaramouch reported that in accordance with Floyd’s request, the publication of Guy’s autobiography had been expedited, and was now being sent out for duplication.

In addition, Scaramouch delivers a visual image spell, recorded by a spell casting Fifty-Gnome agent:

In what appears to be a room at an inn somewhere, Visgoth is talking to Harves Raeth. As viewed through the keyhole, Visgoth tells Raeth that the Order of the Abbey destroyed his previous lieutenant, and he means to make Raeth his new one. Raeth expresses reluctance at the thought of this idea, indicating that the party has beaten him before. Visgoth assures him that his new powers will make up for the insufficiency, and shows Raeth the Imperial Scepter, revealing that he also has Malus in his thrall. Visgoth then performs the ghastly ritual on him that transforms Harves Raeth into a vampire. Visgoth then teleports from the room (Virgil recognizes the spell), and the Fifty-Gnome agent attempts to get away, but he is caught and killed by the newly vampiric Raeth.

As the boys are left to contemplate the implications of what they have just seen, they begin their journey into Barovia.

Journeying into Barovia, they discovered a vast amount of farmland, and eventually happened upon a Half-Orc named Heinrich who engaged Axe in a friendly manner. Through this, the party was invited to the Village De Feo, a small commune of Half-Orcs that had been rescued and cared for by a devout Halfling woman named DeFeo, now deceased. The party was invited to dine with the commune. Over dinner with Heinrich, the party learns more about Barovia. There are not many towns in the nation. Its capital, Breckendorf, is the largest. In addition, there are towns known as Eagles’ Peak and Ostrogoth, and settlements such as Oslov’s Bones and Gwyneth Crag. There are also two church abbeys, following the teachings of St. Isadora and St. Zachariah.

Due to recent Orc raids in Barovia, trade has been cut off to DeFeo by Eagle’s Peak, who supplied the settlement with meat. The party agrees to help negotiate a new deal for the Half-Orcs and the people of Eagle’s Peak, and to do their best to discourage the Orc raids (Heinrich informs them that the Orc king is known as Thaddanus).

That evening, Virgil tries unsuccessfully to woo a Half-Orc woman. After spending the night, the party wakes up to find the Half-Orcs practicing combat maneuvers outside. Although they are a peaceful people the Half-Orcs practice these maneuvers out of self-defense and as a means of physical fitness training. Impressed, Guy asks Heinrich if he would be willing to train the Freelands army, to which Heinrich replies that it would be best left to Guy or someone else to conduct this training. However, Heinrich is willing to share his knowledge, and a plan is devised to send a military representative here for training to pass on to the army.

Afterwards, Guy, Virgil, Axe, and Brix venture out far from the village to test the Apocalypse sword again, now that it is filled with the blood of the boys. Guy draws the sword, summoning a vastly intimidating storm cloud with lightning, stirring up winds and darkening the world surrounding. After some time spent contemplating this magic, Virgil determines the effect of the Apocalypse Sword:

The Apocalypse Sword creates a 5-foot circle of safety around the wielder. Outside of the circle, for 60 feet surrounding, all living objects take 2D6 points of Constitution Damage – no save, and suffer from a constant (every round) Call Lightning Spell. This circle expands 60 feet per round for as long as the sword is drawn, presumably until it engulfs the earth. As a weapon, the sword is a Maximized +5 Vorpal Brilliant Energy Longsword of Greater Dragonbane. The Sword is sentient, and desires to be disarmed, granting a -8 penalty to the wielder to defend against disarmament.

Armed with this mind-blowingly frightening knowledge, the party once again hides the sword from view, and heads off to the mountains to deal with the orcs.

On the first day in the mountain pass, they encounter a ravine that appears to be an open canyon into a river of molten lava. They camp for the night, and it passes uneventfully.

On the second day, they find an ancient shrine to the Dagda. It seems to have a very old version of a calendar on it, marking such events as the day of the High Feast and each new moon. Scrawled over these letters in old celestial script is the phrase, “Beware the Bellmaker.” Floyd recalls that the Bellmaker is a figure of legend that appears in, but never has a prominent role in many ancient legends and tales. He is an artificer, a creator of magical bells.

The party travels a bit farther, and camps for the night. On Guy’s watch, he notices a familiar low-lying fog creeping in, and immediately awakens the party, informing them that the Wild Hunt has returned. In what is perceived to be in acquiescence to the Hunt’s wishes, the party attempts to flee in terror, deciding to head for the Dagda shrine in the hopes that the Hunt will be unable to enter.

The party manages to get close to the shrine when they are attacked by one of the Hunt’s dogs. Although Guy is able to destroy it, they notice that it requires a tremendous amount of effort to subdue even one dog, and there are many of them and to Floyd and Scaramouch’s dismay, they can fly. Finally, the party fights their way back to the shrine, where the dogs dare not enter. The Hunt Lord, on the other hand, seems to have no such hang-ups about the shrine, and enters to combat the party.

Floyd engages the Hunt Lord in a two hour discussion, trying to convince him to call off the Hunt, but his negotiating tactics eventually come up short against the Hunt Lord’s zeal. He moves to combat the boys, but Virgil manages to dispatch the Hunt Lord with a Dismissal spell. The Hunt Lord is forced to return to his native plane (the dogs follow) for the time being, but from his conversation with Floyd, it is clear that he intends on returning until he finishes the job. The party manages to sleep that night, albeit fitfully.

The remainder of their journey is uneventful until they happen upon the village of Oslov’s Bones, so named because the original city wall was comprised of the skeleton of a Titan. There, they see a parading band of fifty orcs. A couple of well placed Fireballs later, the orcs are dead, and the party proceeds to the Bones.

The original Oslov’s Bones lies in ruins, with a prominent collapsed Bell Tower in the center. On the other side of bones, however, is a new village that has cropped up. The party opens the map with the guide to Visgoth’s soul pieces to obtain the piece in Oslov’s Bones, but are shocked to discover that the piece has since been claimed since the party last looked at the map. The boys decide to head for the new village to investigate.

In the town’s tavern, the party sits down for a drink. Shortly after, a hard-looking fellow comes down the stairs, notices the party, and tries to head back up. However, Floyd snares him with his bardic music, fascinating him, and suggesting that he come down and talk to the party, which he does.

The man identifies himself as Number Four, a member of the Fist of Set, one of the other parties on the hunt for pieces of Visgoth’s soul (this was the group that nearly destroyed Harves Raeth). He reveals that he is one of a five-member team, the leader of which is called The Thumb, and the others are One, Two, Three, and Four (not necessarily in order of importance). Four reveals that the Fist of Set did not get the last soul piece in Barovia, but they know that the Council of Shadows (Jarrod’s organization) did. The Council of Shadows is planning to auction the piece off to the highest bidder, and it is known that in addition to the Fist of Set, Harves Raeth and the Half-Orc group will be there to bid on it.

Having exhausted their questions, Floyd puts a bag on Four’s head, but this has the unintended effect of breaking off the fascination. Four begins to thrash, and the party makes a run for it.

They return to the ruins and to the Bell Tower specifically. Guy is interested in exploring further, so the party ventures down the bell tower steps, discovering a cavern full of fire and lava (it’s very hot down here).They cross a large bridge (over which they see a creature swimming in the lava – something large and serpentine), and come to a set of huge double doors, where they hear hammering within. Venturing inside, they happen upon a fire giant who identifies himself as The Apprentice (the last follower of The Smith). The Apprentice is aware of the party as the legion who brought down Strom, but his allegiance was not to Strom, and he harbors no ill will towards the party. The Apprentice spends his time forging weapons and armor, and the party asks if he will make Axe a suit of armor, which he agrees to do if the party will release the Bellmaker, who is currently being held in captivity in Breckendorf by – guess who – Mitchell.

Brix asks The Apprentice if he has ever heard of Graxx, and The Apprentice warns Brix that he should be careful who he says that name to. Confused, The Apprentice tells him to visit the Baldun Tomb north of Gwyneth Crag for more answers. The Apprentice also tells the party that the creature swimming in the lava is a Hellfire Wyrm, an insidious creature whose stomach is a pipeline to Hell. The boys pledge to return, having freed the Bellmaker, in exchange for a suit of armor for Axe.

The party exits Oslov’s Bones and heads north to Gwyneth Crag. At the cemetery of the Crag, they find many burial plots, but there is only one mausoleum, dedicated to Brix’s family. As they had heard, the tomb is the site of an old-fashioned grave robbing. The body of Hargrove, who has been dead four-hundred years, is missing from its spot.

The party heads into town and chats up the local barman, who directs them to a sage outside of town. The gang travels to his house, finding a lanky old man (still very spry) in a room full of maps. The man, who calls himself Charles (Fox), demands money for the information he has, and after being paid, directs Brixmore to find his answers about Graxx and his family by traveling a couple of days northeast to Darkenhold.

With a whole slew of new action items on their plate, the party departs Fox’s house and heads towards Darkenhold to discover more about Brix’s family.

End of Session

The party is awarded 1,000 XP for the session.

Monday, October 5, 2009

October 4 Game Notes

Gameplay picked up where we left off at the end of last Sunday, with the party having defeated a group of Chaka baddies in a room with a ziggurat. After defeating everyone, the final Chaka escaped down a fire pole into the ziggurat, and the party followed. Down below, they discovered more goons, and busted them up roundly, collecting some Falchions for the Freelandian army.

Next, the party ventured further into the Chaka chambers, where they encountered a creature called a Roper, which took out Floyd handily (fear not, gentle readers! He was merely incapacitated), and took a mighty effort by everyone to kill. After some restorations were doled out, the party tried to get their hands on a chest, only to discover it was filled with sand and rags.

Moving further in, the adventurers found a room with Griks, and a chamber filled with snakes. Guy and Axe handles the Grixes, while Virgil burned most of the snakes, and Brix roundly smashes the others. A Medusa popped out of the chamber, but Floyd clicked his heels and ended up right next to her, and a couple of well-placed stabs made short work of her. Everyone took some Medusa blood for later magical enchantment, and Floyd kept the head.

Past the snake chamber, there was a room with several stone statues. After fighting through that room, another chest was discovered, this time with some really good stuff in it. However, Floyd, Guy, and Axe were turned to stone by an invisible Medusa causing trouble. Brix and Virgil dispatched her, but they had to rest eight hours so Brix could memorize spells and return the other party members to normal. While Brix rested, Virgil fought another group of Chaka. In addition, Brix and Vigil took out another Roper.

Descending to the bottom level, the party discovered an apothecary, but Floyd detected a cacophony of traps set on the door. Deciding to bypass it, the group made their way in to the final hall, where they fought the boss lady snake and her six Yuan-ti sorcerers. A tough, fiercely fought battle resulted in a win for the party, and some rewards.

After resting, the party made its way back to the apothecary, where Virgil managed to dispel the most heinous traps, and the party looted the room. Then, Virgil became an eagle and flew to tell the people of Nobis that they had been saved, and the rest of the party joined soon after. A big party was thrown in the group’s honor, and Guy obtained the next piece of Visgoth’s soul – a chalice. However, he did not fuse it with the rest of the soul, and gave it to Virgil for safekeeping. The Nobians offered the party a house in town, which Guy and Virgil accept on behalf of The Freelands for the formation of an embassy.

After staying in Nobis a few more days to scribe scrolls, learn spells, rest, etc., the party makes plans to head for Barovia.

End of Session.

Treaure List

When treasure is assigned, the recipient is in parentheses.
Floyd carries all party items and money in his belt, which has unlimited carrying capacity for coins, and in his backpack, which has additional magical carrying capacity.

+2 Dagger (Axe)
+2 Short Bow (Axe)
Head Band – grants +2 Listen, +4 Spot, +1 Intelligence (Virgil)
Earring – Allows wearer to listen through walls w/out penalty (Floyd)
3 Scrolls – Dimensional Lock, Eyebite, Mass Hold Person (Virgil)
+4 AC Robes (Floyd)
+2 AC Robes, put into the party kitty after Floyd exchanges for the +4 ones
Necklace of Charisma +2 (Axe)

6 vials of different colors – Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, & Purple
6 Cure Moderate Potions
3 Cure Serious Potions
2 Bear’s Endurance Potions
1 Cat’s Grace Potion
2 Invisibility Oils
1 True Strike Oil
Several pints of Naptha (a fire oil)
Several Pints of Lantern Oil
Ingredients for Spell Components (Brix & Virgil)
Portable Alchemist’s Lab

Gold-gilded Goblet – piece of Visgoth’s soul (Virgil)

10,000 gp from Medusa Room chest
3,500 pp from final hall

Several Falchions
6 Scimitars

Friday, October 2, 2009

NPC Profile: Nikolai

Cardinal Nikolai was the alias of Argoth, Lord of Hell, during his time in Western Aggravail in which he attempted to sieze power in the Universal Church and use a generation of Year of the Ram children to fulfill several apocalyptic prophecies. As Nikolai, he was the Cardinal of Arimathea.

Nikolai first entered prominence in the game while the party members were still children living at the Morningstar Abbey. One evening shortly after the party's first adventure, a dwarf traveling north through Arimathea stopped at the abbey to spend the night; over dinner, he told the brothers and the boys the news that the old Cardinal of Arimathea had died, and Nikolai had been named his replacement. This news upset Abbott Teris very much, not only because of his good relationship with the old Cardinal, but also because of Teris' distrust of Nikolai. It is not clear exactly how much Teris knew or suspected of Nikolai, but he never directly implicated him as Argoth or any other kind of infernal outsider.

Shortly after this news, Nikolai sent Faust and Barris to the abbey to end Teris' tenure as Abbott. They succeeded, but did not manage to capture the six boys from the Year of the Ram, as it is suspected Nikolai may have instructed them to do.

After the party finished their apprenticeships and training, they began adventuring in the Twilight Lands, and largely lost track of Nikolai and his activities. In the course of an early adventure, Guy encountered a Ravvid who made Guy promise to one day destroy Cardinal Nikolai's ring, although it was unclear why.

The party did not encounter Nikolai again (except through a run-in with Faust), until a good while later, when they were taken prisoner in Arimathea and placed in the dungeon of the Cathedral of Arimathea. There, they met Nikolai for the first time. Nikolai demanded that the boys pledge their services to him. When they refused, Nikolai stormed out, claiming to already have a Year of the Ram child under his control. In addition, during this capture, Nikolai obtained the Imperial Scepter from the party, which gave him control over Malus.

Upon their escape from the Cathedral, the party, Art, and Ethan happened upon Nikolai's chambers, where they found a large summoning circle that required a considerable amount of evil to create. The boys destroyed the summoning circle, and promptly left the Cathedral.
Later, while traveling in the Bodian Protectorates, they foiled a plot by Nikolai to assasinate Cardinal Aloe, one of Nikolai's political enemies. The party dispatched Barris, who had been sent to carry out the job, and obtained a ring that allowed them to communicate with Nikolai.
When the party founded The Freelands, Nikolai attended the summit of nations along with Luth, King of Arimathea, Lord of the West, Doogal's twin brother, and a member of the Year of the Ram lineage. Nikolai's intent on attending these meetings was to coerce the party into signing the Church Treaty, which The Freelands decided not to do.

Shortly thereafter, Nikolai traveled to Larst, where he began a campaign to have the Universal Church's College of Cardinals choose a pontifical leader. The party traveled to Larst to attempt to influence these discussions as they were certain that Nikolai intended to win the election. The party uncovered a massive conspiracy of bribery and mercenary-dom, paid in gold coins that Brixmore determined to have been forged in Hell from the souls of the damned. This raised considerable alarm among the party, and Brixmore developed an elaborate and dramatic plan to reveal the bribes' infernal influence and to destroy the money.

The party attended several debates and conferences on the matter of elections, even going so far as to back their own candidate. When the election came down to two parties, the party summoned a massive representation of Western Aggravail's power into attendance, including King Gorom of Tutia, several Seekers, members of the Fellowship of the Golden Eagle, Illrean Rangers, Fifty Gnomes, and other governmental and heroic agencies. Under enormous pressure from the College of Cardinals and other agencies to account for accusations brought before him, Nikolai took the podium of the debate hall in the Basilica and revealed himself as Argoth, Lord of Hell.

This revelation ignited the Battle for the Basilica, an enormous skirmish that resulted in the deaths of several innocents, Churchmen, and heroes. After destroying an artifact found by Herbert (the 2nd Gnome of the Fifty Gnomes) in the catacombs of the Basilica that kept Argoth impervious from harm, confronting and defeating (but not killing) Malus, and wading through an army of infernal creatures, the party confronted and destroyed the material prescence of Nikolai / Argoth, forcing him back to Hell.

Nikolai's revelation and death spurred massive reform of the Universal Church, creating a widespread distrust of the Church hierarchy that will take a long time to rebuild.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

I've started putting some of our game material up at a website called

Obsidian Portal is a site that's designed to host D&D games - in addition to a blog (or adventure log), it gives you a wiki, an NPC tracker, space to put maps, a campaign overview, and all that jazz I've been doing amateurishly over here. It would really be the ideal space to follow the game.

However, I like the ease of the blog. Sure, I can't get that fancy with it, but I don't know that I'll get rid of The Adventures of Floyd Fiftynames simply because most (of the what, eight?) readers of this blog will not want to go to the trouble of creating a profile for Obsidian Portal, and then wade through all the other stuff to get to our game. This blog, on the other hand, you can check, see if there's an update, read, or move on. It's very low-maintainence.

In other news, we're reaching the point where my game-by-game logs started to taper off, so I won't be posting game notes as companions to Floyd's installments for a while. I do have notes for the gaps, but they are large and encompass ten to fifteen sessions at a time, so I won't post them until I've covered everything in puppet show so as not to spoil the plot for anyone who doesn't know what's going on. Granted, some of the NPC profile stuff has already done that, but... shut up.

New notes and Puppet Musical installments soon.