Sunday, August 8, 2010

Game Notes March - July 2010, Part 3

The party heads to Doovin’s estate, where they intend to tell him of their impending trip to the Eastern Lands. However, they do not find Doovin there, only a man who is said to be watching the estate for Doovin while he is away on errands. The man is extremely rude and racist towards gnomes and dwarves, which results in Floyd zoning him out. He invites any commenter who recalls what this guy talked about to elaborate in the comments section, because he just doesn’t remember.

The party zips along to the border between Aggravail and the Eastern Lands, crossing over the border and finding a flying ship available for transport. The ship’s captain, a dwarf and native to the Eastern Lands, explains that he transports visitors between Aggravail and the Eastern Lands, although most travel is conducted by native Eastern Landers going to and from Aggravail. Very few visitors from Aggravail come to the Eastern Lands. The dwarf recalls three instances since he began his business, and one of them sounds as though they could be Ethan. The dwarf goes on to explain the political and religious structure of the Eastern Lands, which are controlled by houses that ally themselves with the elemental forces that give this land its strange power.

The party arrives at the central city of the Eastern Lands, where they encounter a variety of magical technology yet unknown to them. Guy, Virgil, and Brix are somewhat uncomfortable in this new environment, and Floyd tries to take it in stride. After taking a passenger car into the city, they walk through the common market, seeing all sorts of new species and manner of things. Eventually, the party makes its way to the Arcanum, the home of the arcane spellcasters’ guild. Once inside the Arcanum, however, they are identified and brought before an official, who reads three warrants for the party, one a summons from House Lin (the Halfling house), one a wanted ad from the mercanaries’ guild, and the third a summons from the wardens, a group that has taken upon itself the responsibility of governing the Eastern Lands.

The party asks to be released to House Lin, as their invitation seemed the least ominous. Once taken there, an official from House Lin introduces himself and tells the the party of the House structure in the Eastern Lands, and how it is difficult to get anything done or find protection without being a member of a house. Since Lin has extended their friendship, the boys express interest in joining House Lin, but must first complete a task for them as a test of their loyalty. They are sent to the wilderness to retreive a gem from a crashed airship, which they manage to do by tracking it down to a Temple of Krissk where it is being kept. There, they negotiate with the Temple elders and bring back the gem. Along the way they deal with trouble from a mercenary who ends up being more bluster than action.

The House of Lin is thoroughly impressed and bestows membership upon the party, who use this newfound allegiance to start getting tasks accomplished. Guy goes to the Azers to have his axe melted down and reforged with new magical properties. However, after melting the axe, the Azer explains that he cannot reforge it and refers him to someone who can (who is not in the city, natch). The party goes to the Arcanum to conduct their research undisturbed, and discover 1. the Eastern Lands’ page of Elliott’s journal, and 2. information on the Lay of Lugh. Virgil reconstructs his map for the Arcanum officials, who determine that the map is directions to the tomb of Lugh, where the Lay of Lugh is kept (among many other treasures; reportedly, a quarter of the documented artifacts in Guy’s compendium of artifacts can supposedly be found at the tomb of Lugh.

While Guy is working on getting his axe fixed, Virgil, Floyd, and Brix meet up with Pierce Thundar, who has been in the Eastern Lands for a while now. They swap news, and Pierce accompanies them on the trip to the Tomb of Lugh (Guy agrees to meet up with them later). The party takes an airship provided by House Lin, but discover that the captain has sold the information and the trip to another adventuring party. After determining that the party is evil (partially), and when talks with them break down, a fight breaks out, which the party wins with relative ease. The party also discovers that one of the other adventuring party has ALSO sold the information to another group, which is discovered to be following them on a ship of their own. The party arrives at the Tomb of Lugh, and Pierce departs with the ship.

End of Part 3; End of Sessions to date

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