Thursday, January 20, 2011

Game Over

Please note that the final session of this game was played January 16th 2011 at Jake's house. It's been a hell of a ride and by far the best game I've ever run.

We started in August of 2007, the month my first son was born and played consistently through with one 3 month break during the summer of 2008 for Joey's Star Wars Game while Dave was out of town. I'll leave it to Joey to tally actual sessions played, but it was extremely long for our group. Inspite of it's length it never felt stale to me, and I hope to the players as well.

This game had it all - memorable villains, stanch allies, political intrigue, mystical happenings, wars of small to epic scope, relics of a bygone age, spiritual and divine struggles, pastoral locations, huge cities, forgotten ruins, dragons, varied cultures, racial struggles, and above all the heroic journey as our PCs went from being orphans of mysterious origin to saviors of creation.

I'm going to take a moment to reflect on some of my personal favorites from this game. I encourage the PCs to comment on my choices or do their own lists.

Villains: Visgoth comes foremost to mind as he was supremely powerful, the main villain of the overarching plot, and the final fight of the game. But there were other advasaries who I felt proud of or just thought were cool.
  • Harvas Raeth - while Visgoth was a cosmic threat, Harvas Raeth was an intimate evil that was not afraid to get personal. Universally hated by the PCs he was also respected and at times feared. And let us not forget- he survived and is still out there.
  • Thumb - I just loved the concept, the poise, and the confidence of the the Fist of Set's leader.
  • Sikator - Ah Sikator. Ultimately a minor opponent in the grand scheme of the plot, I truly enjoyed the sessions where the party interacted with the evil Lizardman's plots to avenge his god's defeat at th party's hands.
  • The Harvester - No being in the entire scope of the game generated such fear in the PCs as the Harvester did, an amazing feat when you consider they defeated him when they were about 8th level. Even up to the end he was mentioned reluctantly and with fear. And I have to say I out did myself with him. A figure of true horror.
  • Dugal - Heh. Possibly the most complexly layered NPC in the game. Villain or ally based on the situation and the opportunity. His redemption sought by Guy, his utter destruction by Virgil, a clear categorization of him (friend or foe) sought by Floyd, Dugal remained his own man to the end, an opportunist non-pareil.


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